3P Biopharmaceuticals brings together leading international experts in biomedicine to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

The event gathered an audience of more than 150 people and was attended by Juan Cruz Cigudosa, Councillor for University, Innovation, and Digital Transformation.

3P Biopharmaceuticals has celebrated the second event of its 15th anniversary with an event focused on the contribution of biomedicine to the well-being of society and the key role that 3P has played over the years.

The event took place in the theater of the University of Navarra Museum where several internationally renowned speakers shared their impressions on the development of new drugs, the history of medicine, and its contribution to improving the quality of life of citizens, as well as new therapeutic trends.

3P Biopharmaceuticals brings together leading international experts in biomedicine to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

Three stories framed under the title “The impact of translational research in the progress of medicine: three stories” told by three researchers from the University of Navarra in the field of research, cutting-edge clinical and biomedicine such as Dr. Felipe Prósper, Dr. Gloria González and Dr. Marta María Alonso.

The event, moderated by Dr. Jesús San Miguel, dealt with such exciting and cutting-edge topics as the treatment of cancer with CAR-T cells, presented by Dr. Felipe Prósper, and the contribution of gene therapy in rare diseases, reported by Dr. Gloria González. Dr. Marta María Alonso explained how viruses can be used for the treatment of childhood brain tumors.

The CEO of 3P Biopharmaceuticals, Dámaso Molero, then narrated the progress of the company’s 15-year history, explaining the great challenges it has had to face in order to become a reference partner in the manufacture of highly innovative drugs and to lead the international medicine market.
He concluded the event by stating that: Both 3P and the University of Navarra have a clear objective, which is to help society by providing more and better therapeutic solutions. I am convinced that thanks to the new therapies that are emerging, the development of biological drugs, cell and gene therapy, we will achieve the ultimate goal of manufacturing safer drugs every day, with increasingly fewer side effects, and sometimes aimed at diseases that, until now, have no cure or that were being treated with drugs that sometimes generated serious side effects”.

About the speakers:

Dr. Jesús San Miguel is Medical Director of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra, Director of Translational Medicine at the Cima Universidad de Navarra, specialist in Hematology and Hemotherapy and specialist in multiple myeloma.
Dr. Felipe Prósper is director of the Cell Therapy Area, co-director of the Hematology and Hemotherapy Service and specialist in Hematology and Oncology.
Dr. Gloria González is Director of Innovation and Transfer of the Cima University of Navarra, a researcher of the Gene Therapy and Regulation of Gene Expression Program, and has a preferential dedication to gene therapy for liver diseases, and animal models of liver diseases.
Dr. Marta María Alonso is the director of the Laboratory of Advanced Therapies for Pediatric Solid Tumors of the Cima University of Navarra.

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