3P Biopharmaceuticals celebrates its 15th anniversary with Juan Carlos Unzué.

3P Biopharmaceuticals, a Navarre company founded in 2007, met with 370 employees in an exciting and joyful event looking back over its 15 years of trajectory.

3P Biopharmaceuticals (3P), a leading organization specializing in cGMP process development and biologics manufacturing (CDMO) celebrates the 1st event of its 15th anniversary with employees and the ex-football player: Juan Carlos Unzué.

Exclusive guests include Amit Karna, president of 3P and partner of Keensight Capital (French Investors who specialize in Health and Technology), and Juan Carlos Unzué, ex-football player and ex-trainer from Navarre, currently fighting against ALS.

A disease rings in the 3P collective since the company is dedicated to developing and manufacturing drugs for treating diseases of social impact and rare diseases such as ALS. Taking advantage of the event, the company donated significantly to the Navarre association ANELA, with which Juan Carlos Unzué is collaborating.

Dámaso Molero, CEO of 3P, took the opportunity to evaluate the company’s development, thanking all those who have trusted in the company since the beginning: “It is incredible how after 15 years of history we have advanced by leaps and bounds, positioning the company as a reference in the biotechnology sector and at an international level, especially in Europe We started absolutely from scratch, and today we are present in 20 countries with almost 400 people, with a profitable and continuously growing business.”

For his part, Amit Karna, President of 3P, rounded off the opening speeches by highlighting the company’s strength: “3P Biopharmaceuticals offers a comprehensive service as a partner for the production of biologic drugs. The services it offers as a CDMO make it a reference for others. As employees, you are lucky to be at a key moment in the company’s history.

The event was full of great surprises for the employees, with the company wanting to thank employees who have been part of the company for more than ten years for their commitment and dedication. At the same time, several other employees were honored for making their corporate values a reality that identifies them as 3P (People, Passion, and Purpose).

3P Biopharmaceuticals celebrates its 15th anniversary with Juan Carlos Unzué.

Juan Carlos Unzué ended the event with a motivational speech sharing his life experience with everyone. He sent a clear request to conclude the event: “I request that when a defeat and a bad day appear, and you have the feeling that you can’t go on any longer, remember me. Not as something sad, as I was telling you before. I played football four days ago, two days ago, I was part of a staff, and today I am in a wheelchair. Let this serve you as something positive. Remember that you are healthy and you can work on something you like. You are privileged,” he stressed.

The company started with only one employee (the current CEO Dámaso Molero). Today’s invoices are 35 million euros, with an expectation of 40 million in sales by the end of the year.
Dámaso Molero started in a rented office of CEIN and today occupies three buildings in the Noain industrial park, with an investment forecast of 30 million until 2025. At the commercial level, 3P has developed more than 75 molecules; and with over 60 customers in 20 countries.

3P is aware that the human workforce is the key and differential factor in the success of an international CDMO, one of its main priorities as a company is the recruitment and retention of talent that accompanies the growth and global expansion strategy. With the continuous investment in equipment and technology to meet its customers’ growing demands, some already offer commercial supply of biotechnological drugs.

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