3P Biopharmaceuticals lands in the United States.

The Navarre biological CDMO inaugurates its first commercial office in Boston, supported by Keensight Capital.

3P Biopharmaceuticals advances its international expansion with the opening of its first commercial office in the United States located in Boston, Massachusetts.

A company based in Navarre, Spain, with a 16-year history as an international CDMO, has taken a major step forward to expand its presence within the US market. This marks 3P’s first venture outside of Spain, strategically placing the company at the center of the world´s largest biopharma hub. According to Dámaso Molero, CEO of the company, “The United States is considered one of the largest and most dynamic markets for biopharma worldwide. Establishing ourselves in Boston will allow 3P to access a broad and fast-growing market, enabling us to further drive our growth.

In terms of global positioning, this endeavor will provide the Navarre-based CDMO with greater visibility and international recognition. This initial step into the American market will further enable the company to meet with new and existing clients and foster long-term partnerships with US-based companies. Elena Erroba, Chief Commercial Officer at 3P, highlights, “3P has always seen the undeniable business opportunity in the United States. This new commercial office will assist us in meeting the growing demands of our customers and consolidating our CDMO offering in North America.

This strategic expansion is supported by Keensight Capital’s Boston office. This physical presence in Boston helps Keensight reinforce the firm’s commitment to supporting the growth of its portfolio companies in North America.

This major development holds significant importance, given the city’s long-standing history in the field of biopharma. Many leading global biopharma companies have their headquarters there, making it a highly attractive and dynamic city. Furthermore, the city’s concentration of renowned academic and research institutions, coupled with the collaborative efforts between academia and industry, create an unparalleled entrepreneurial ecosystem.

3P is firmly committed to expanding its global presence in the biologics manufacturing sector as it embarks on this effort to broaden its global footprint. With its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional biologics manufacturing services, 3P aims to make a lasting mark on the world stage, setting new benchmarks of excellence in the industry.

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