We are proud of our diverse culture and the people that are the beating heart of our organization. Experts from 18 different countries, working together in a rich, varied, and multicultural work environment centered around our core values of people, passion, and purpose, it's what it takes

These are just some of our people that have a passion for helping to deliver advanced medicines and share a purpose of improving lives. They know what it takes. It’s within them.

We are a fully integrated Biologics CDMO providing mammalian, microbial, and cell therapy services that combine innovation with manufacturing and process excellence, from development to product delivery.

My work at 3P provides me with both professional and personal motivation. Through the projects with each client, we create real possibilities to develop treatments for diseases that still have no cure.

Verónica Suquía Oneca Head of Project Management

  • Working at 3P is a permanent source of stimulation and reward. Due to the wide variety of projects and clients, it is an opportunity for continuous learning and professional growing, in a highly qualified environment.

    Leyre Martínez Fernández
    Head of Biochemistry Analytical Methods Development

  • Working at 3P, a company in permanent growth mode, is very rewarding and a chance to learn and overcome new challenges every day.

    Verónica Fernandez Ruiz
    Manager of Continous Improvement Process & Manufacturing Systems
    Technical Services

  • It is a privilege to work in a company where you face challenges every day and where you can learn from great professionals.

    Raquel Indart Indart
    Human Resources Technician

  • Working at 3P has allowed me to learn many of the production processes currently used in the biotech industry.

    Francisco Javier Escobar
    Head of USP Microbial Manufacturing

  • Being at 3P from the outset has allowed me to follow the evolution from the very beginning to what we are now. A great experience both personally and professionally.

    Paula Serrano Pérez-Nievas:
    Project Manager

Here I can combine two essential activities for me; maintenance engineering and equipment design. It is an inspiring career where every day is a new challenge.

Óscar Sosa Aguiar Head of Maintenance

Working at 3P gives the opportunity of making innovative ideas in the field of health become real, with a clear goal: “Developing new treatments for unmet medical needs.

Mapi Perez de Obanos Martell Head of Project Management

  • We are proud...

    we are diverse, we are multicultural, we have what it takes.

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