Founded in 2006 and based in Pamplona, Spain, we are a leading global CDMO and preferred partner for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

About our company

We specialize in process development and cGMP manufacturing of biologics and cell therapy products using microbial and mammalian expression systems.

We are with you on your biologics journey, growing with you and supporting you with process and analytical development, preclinical and clinical supply, and commercial production. With a focus on biotechnology applications in both human and animal health sectors, we offer customized solutions that meet the specific needs of all our clients.

  • Our Leadership : Dámaso Molero

    Cheif Executive Officer

    Dámaso is CEO at 3P and has been leading the company since 2007. He has positioned 3P as a leading global CDMO holding both FDA and EMA approvals.

  • Our Leadership : Iker Portugal

    Chief Financial Officer

    Iker brings a vast experience across industries in financial planning and control, financing, and M&A which provides valuable insight and added perspective to 3P’s management team.

  • Our Leadership : Elena Erroba

    Business Development Director

    Elena has led 3P’s Business Development Department since 2015, and has played an essential role in the company’s growth and strategic development.

  • Our Leadership : Rubén Cuervo

    Plant Director

    Rubén has served as 3P’s Plant Director since 2018 and is responsible for scale-up, clinical, and commercial manufacturing activities.

  • Our Leadership : Tomás Alarcón

    Human Resources Director

    Tomás joined 3P as Human Resources Director in 2016. He is responsible for 3P’s training and development programs, recruiting and staffing strategy, and employee relations.

  • Our Leadership : Aurora Solana

    Analytical Services & QA Director

    Aurora joined 3P as Analytical Services Director in 2019. She is responsible for developing and maintaining 3P’s quality systems, assuring regulatory compliance, and managing analytical development activities.

  • Our Leadership : José Luis Torres

    IT Director

    José Luis joined 3P as Information Technologies Director in early 2019. He is responsible for the development and maintenance of 3P’s IT infrastructure and quality systems.

  • Our Leadership : Josu Orbara

    Maintenance & Engineering Director

    Josu has served as 3P’s Maintenance Director since 2008. His responsibilities include the management of equipment and the integration and installation of new technologies in 3P’s manufacturing and development areas.

It's the people we are, and how we respect the collaboration it takes from development to product delivery. We are a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified and skilled professionals focused on driving your biologics programs to success.

Our responsibility is to positively impact our employees, supply partners, customers, and the communities where we live and work. We are committed to environmentally sustainable performance, with a diverse and inclusive culture making our journey a responsible and enjoyable one.

We know it takes people with passion and a shared purpose to manufacture advanced medicines. From development to product delivery, we are with you on your biologics journey.

We have what it takes to help you improve lives.

  • Based in Pamplona...

    in northern Spain, we have a world-class facility and a global reach.

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