Dámaso Molero, appointed member of the Technical Committee of the Interdepartmental Commission for Personalized Medicine of Navarra.

Navarra advances in the Comprehensive Strategy for Personalized Medicine with the constitution of the body that will coordinate its execution.

Noáin, Spain, March 4, 2022 3P Biopharmaceuticals, a leading organization specializing in the development of cGMP processes and manufacturing of biological products (CDMO), is part of the Technical Committee of the Interdepartmental Commission for Personalized Medicine of Navarra.

Dámaso Molero, appointed member of the Technical Committee of the Interdepartmental Commission for Personalized Medicine of Navarra.

On February 25, the constitution meeting of the technical committee chaired by the Minister of University, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Juan Cruz Cigudosa, took place. This committee is made up of the Departments of Economic and Business Development and Health of the Government of Navarra and two representatives from the private sector of biomedicine and personalized precision medicine, including Dámaso Molero, CEO of 3P Biopharmaceuticals, and Felipe Prósper , head of the cell therapy unit, co-director of the hematology and hemotherapy unit and specialist in hematology and oncology at CIMA..

I am very grateful to be part of the Technical Committee. This commission seeks to offer the most appropriate action to each patient at the right time, placing the person at the centre of health care. Our great challenge will be to improve the diagnosis and treatment applied to each patient, while promoting genomics as a field of innovation and an opportunity for pharmaceutical development“, comments Dámaso.

The implementation of personalized medicine will bring immediate benefits to patients by reducing the need for other diagnostic tests, reducing diagnosis time, as well as adapting treatments to each patient, reducing side effects, and increasing efficacy.

By including a patient’s genomic information in their personal health register, it will make such information available to different specialists without the need for repeat testing, helping to facilitate administration of gene therapies and immunotherapies. Techniques and methods used currently are applied in areas such as hereditary disease, cancer treatment, and prenatal diagnosis.

Moreover, personalized medicine represents an evolution in the way of approaching medical practice through genome sequencing, which allows health personnel to improve individual treatments, predict susceptibility to disease and even prevent adverse reactions to medication that can put the patient’s life at risk.

This comprehensive strategy of personalized medicine gives Navarra the opportunity to position itself as a national and international benchmark in applied genomics, improving its health care system and developing other socioeconomic benefits to make it a leading and competitive region thanks to the promotion of a new industry in this sector.

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