3P Biopharmaceuticals is moving forward with its expansion plan and the adaptation of its facilities.

The biotechnology company from Navarra opens its third installation in Noáin.

3P Biopharmaceuticals (3P), a leading contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specializing in process development and cGMP manufacturing for biological drugs is opening a third installation, which centralizes a new warehouse and includes new laboratories for the development of analytical methods and quality control.

Since 2020, 3P has been carrying out an ambitious investment plan that exceeds €45 million and will continue until 2025.

Part of this significant investment includes the purchase of its third installation where it has located a new 1,000m2 fully automated warehouse that triples the storage capacity of the previous one, as well as new 1,400m2 analytical laboratories.

For the expansion of its laboratories, the company has outfitted itself with state-of-the-art equipment and high technology for the development of analytical methods and quality control. The adaptation is motivated by the need to expand its analytical capacity with advanced technologies to be able to serve the growing demand of the company’s current client portfolio as well as support the closing of major agreements with new customers in the future.

In addition, 3P has just obtained GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification for these new areas from the Spanish Medicines and Medical Products Agency, an essential certification that guarantees the highest quality standards and the safety of the medicines manufactured by 3P.

The new areas include a spacious, bright, modern and functional design that will facilitate the work of both its employees and its strategic partners and suppliers.

“Throughout 3P’s 15-year history, growth has been a constant. I started alone and now we are more than 350 employees. In this company we are still committed to growth, which has always been linked to a high level of investment. This is essential to consolidate our position as a CDMO at the international level” explains Dámaso Molero CEO of 3P Biopharmaceuticals.

Previously, the company already made an investment in its plant by expanding its manufacturing capacity with a third 100L microbial fermentation line and a new mammalian manufacturing line of up to 2,000L. It also made an announcement a week ago regarding the installation of a new line for protein production from bacteria and yeast, including the installation of a 500L fermenter.

The three installations together now total 10,500m2; however, this is not the final stage of the company’s expansion plan. The company’s next challenges include continuous improvement of efficiency, digitalization, commitment to environmental awareness and the sustainability of its buildings with an investment of half a million euros in order to meet these objectives. The company also plans to improve its headquarters and continue to increase its industrial development and manufacturing capacity.

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