Osivax and 3P Biopharmaceuticals team up to develop a new universal vaccine against current and future variants of SARS-COV-2

Osivax's novel oligoDOM® technology, designed to induce potent T-cell responses, will serve as the basis for this broad-spectrum vaccine against COVID-19

Osivax, a French biotechnology company pioneering a new class of universal vaccines against ever-mutating viruses thanks to its patented oligoDOM® technology, and CDMO 3P Biopharmaceuticals are collaborating on the development of a broad-spectrum vaccine against COVID-19. 3P’s role will focus on process scale-up and cGMP production of Osivax’s vaccine for use in Phase I clinical trials.

Osivax and 3P Biopharmaceuticals team up to develop a new universal vaccine against current and future variants of SARS-COV-2

The benefit of this vaccine compared to others lies mainly in the fact that it targets a part of the virus that is much less prone to mutation: the nucleocapsid. Osivax oligoDOM® (OVX313) technology enables the transformation of the nucleocapsid into a highly immunogenic antigen to trigger potent B- and T-cell immune responses.

Current research efforts are mostly directed towards Spike, an antigen on the surface of the coronavirus, which have shown to vary from variant to variant. By targeting the nucleocapsid, an internal antigen that is much less prone to mutation, Osivax’s vaccine would provide a universal approach to combat all current and future SARS-COV-2 variants.

Dámaso Molero, CEO of 3P Biopharmaceuticals said: “To be able to say that we are collaborating with Osivax on such a novel and important technology platform such as oligoDOM® to help prevent pandemics like COVID-19, is a real achievement for 3P“.

This collaboration is also a step forward for Osivax in fulfilling its mission to pioneer a new class of universal vaccine: Alexandre Le Vert, CEO of Osivax, stated, “The development of our pan-coronavirus vaccine will provide additional evidence on the relevance of our universal vaccination approach and the potential of oligoDOM® vaccines to revolutionize the prevention of ever-evolving global infectious diseases.

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