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Mammalian Cell Banking

Utilize our production capabilities with GMP regulated cell banks manufactured, characterized and released to your specific requirements.

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Why cell mammalian banking?

The manufacture of a Master Cell Bank (MCB) or Working Cell Bank (WCB) is one of the first GMP activities to be undertaken and is essential for the successful production of a biological API.

Cell banks are used throughout the product lifecycle and are an important asset given their significant importance and value as a starting material.

3P’s cell banking service

We offer fully GMP compliant MCB and WCB manufacturing services, including characterization and QA release. All cell banks we produce are kept in temperature monitored secure storage facilities in readiness for further manufacturing of the API. According to an agreed schedule on all cell banks we produce, we perform stability studies, ensuring that the banks are always fit for purpose and ready to use.

What we will deliver

We produce GMP cell banks of between 300-500 vials manufactured, characterized and released according to current regulatory guidelines and your specific requirements. All cell banks released are accompanied by completed GMP documentation.

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Mammalian Cell Banking

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