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Mammalian Cell Line Development

Benefit from our expertise and flexible approach to cell line development. We deliver stable, well-characterized RCBs with complete cell line history documentation.

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Why mammalian cell line development?

An effective and well-characterized cell line is the standard requirement for biopharmaceutical products. The cell line characteristics dictate further process development requirements to achieve the target productivity and quality of the final product.

3P cell line development services

An efficient development program depends on the generation of a robust and dependable cell line. Therefore, we manage the entire cell line development process alongside approved and trusted partners offering a bespoke and quality service. Our expertise covers the whole process, from ensuring the amino acid or nucleotide sequence is correct, through to generating a stable Research Cell Bank (RCB) and expressing the characterized protein of interest following specific and regulatory guidelines.  As this activity is also vital for CMC documentation, we ensure full traceability of all operations performed and a complete history of the cell line, vector, and plasmid used to construct the final RCB.

What we will deliver

We provide complete management of cell line development activities to allow for further product development and manufacturing processes with a stable and well-characterized RCB, including full documentation detailing the cell line history.

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Mammalian Cell Line Development

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